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Introducing My Central Valley, the nonprofit organization dedicated to providing K-12 schools, teachers, students, parents, administrators, and businesses with the IT and social media support they need to thrive in today’s digital landscape. Our team of experts is dedicated to helping educators integrate technology into their classrooms, providing students with the tools they need to succeed, and giving parents and administrators the resources they need to support their students. We offer services such as IT support, social media management, online learning platforms, and professional development opportunities for teachers. What’s more, we believe in giving back to the community by hiring local high school students as employees, giving them hands-on experience and the opportunity to develop valuable skills. Don’t let technology challenges hold your school back.

Contact My Central Valley today and see how we can help you achieve your educational goals while also empowering the future generation.


My Central Valley’s team are lifelong learners and lovers of all things tech.

We have over 100 combined years of educational technology, informational technology, networking, and desktop support, video editing, photography, website design, and social media publishing experience.


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5730 N. 1st Street #105127, Fresno, CA, 93710

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